AI Content Creation Course

Course Details:

  • Fees: 10,000/-
  • Duration: 1 Month
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Online & Offline modes Available
  • US Internship + UKIQ Certificate

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Why Choose “E-Digital Marketers”?

Expert Instructors

Learn from experienced professionals who excel in digital marketing.

Career Advancement

Our program not only educates but also boosts your career with bonus modules and specializations.

Stay Updated

We keep pace with the latest digital marketing trends, so your knowledge is always current.

Simplified Learning

We simplify digital marketing, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of your background.

Course Overview

  • AI content creation landscape
  • Tools like ChatGPT and Claude AI
  • Prompting for high-quality output
  • Post-generation editing
  • Integrating AI into content workflows
  • Current capabilities and limitations
  • The future of AI content tools
  • Career opportunities and development

What You Will Learn

  • The basics of AI content creation
  • Using tools like ChatGPT and Claude AI
  • Formatting prompts for optimal output
  • Improving content quality with AI
  • Optimizing and editing AI-generated drafts
  • Integrating AI content into your workflow
  • Best practices and limitations of current tech
AI Marketing

About the Course

This intensive 1-month AI content creation course provides hands-on training in utilizing AI to streamline content production. Learn from experienced marketers using these cutting-edge tools. The curriculum covers prompting, quality control, editing, workflow integration, limitations, and more.

Job Opportunities After the Course

AI Content Strategist

Content Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager


Content Creator

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Why we are different

Highest Rated

We have a passion for student success and promise to work with students in achieving their goals.

Skilled Faculty

Our mission is to help each and every student succeed, may come what from our skilled faculty.

Placement Support

E-Digital Marketers provides 100% Placement Assistance to all thier students.


Our Classroom has a very unique approach so that any student can be learning either via a live lesson, pre programmed lesson, independently or being supervised in the classroom.



Why You Should Attend This Course

AI content creation tools are transforming how businesses produce written content. This course will teach you how to leverage AI to create high-quality content faster and more efficiently.

What is the eligibility criteria to do the course?

A 12th standard pass with basic computer operational knowledge is sufficient for eligibility.

Do you provide batch flexibility for working professionals?

Yes. We provide flexible batch schedules for all students including working professionals and business owners as per their feasibility.

If I fail to understand any of the topics well. Will you provide training on those topics again?

We conduct doubt clearing sessions from time to time where our students can get their queries and confusion resolved. If the doubt is regarding an entire module then the student needs to coordinate with the admin for a class change. We do not charge extra for this.

Will I get any support from the institute in terms of themes, plugins, and tools?

Students will get free marketing tools, web hosting and WordPress themes and plugins from the institute.

Before enrollment can I attend the demo class?

We provide a 1 hr free demo class on Digital Marketing before your enrollment into the course.